OUR ALPARGATAS ~ Each pair of our alpargatas are hand made in the MEDITERRANEAN. Working with traditional family owned businesses in Europe is the cornerstone of our modern heritage.

OUR MALLORCAN FABRICS ~ Each piece of our linen and cotton fabric is woven by artisans in MALLORCA. These patterns are typical of the island and are often used in traditional homes. We have partnered with two family owned workshops that have been producing authentic Mallorcan fabric since the mid 1800s.

OUR RAFFIA ~ Our sandal trimming is produced by a small family owned mill in Tuscany, Italy. Each piece is hand cut.

OUR RIBBONS ~ All of our ribbons are sourced from a mill in JAPAN, one that produces trimmings for Haute Couture and Ready to Wear brands around the world. Each ribbon is selected for its high quality and vibrant color.

OUR UZBEK FABRICS ~ We partnered with a socially responsible weaving group in Tashkent and the Fergana Valley to source our traditional cotton and silk ikat fabrics. These rich patterns have been produced in this region since at least the 17th century when royals wore silk ikat robes.

OUR HAND EMBROIDERY ~ Our hand embroidered sandal straps come by way of highly skilled artisans in SOUTHERN PAKISTAN. We have collaborated with VEERO HOME and IHT, a local NGO that works to provide livelihoods for women and families in rural villages.